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With over 10 years of music marketing under our belt, we have the most active network of playlists curators on platforms like Shopify, Amazon Music and Souncloud. We also have access to over 1200 influencers on Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube to help push your music videos new releases or posts.




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After working for over a decade with major artists and record labels we are offering the same music marketing services to independent artists.

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Songwriter/ Artist

Before I started using music industry marketing I was releasing song after song with no real traction. I know have over 2 million streams on my latest single “Take Time” and earn royalties off of my music every single month.


Hip Hop Artist

I was so tired of using companies that used bots and simply didn’t work. MIM is by far the most powerful and organic promotional site I have ever used for my music. Every song I drop I will be using them.