7 Steps to Promote Your Music in 2022

7 Steps to Promote Your Music in 2022

7 Steps to successfully promote your music as an Independent Artist In 2022

The music industry, in the last few decades, has seen many changes. It is much easier for independent artists to launch out and succeed. While the opportunities are there, it is not all rosy for everyone. Getting noticed can still be a major challenge, even when the artist has really good music.

How can you get noticed as an independent artist? You can get tons of suggestions from different people but what matters most is your determination and actions. Here, we will discuss a few things that will increase your chances in 2022:

Step 1: Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success in music. Every established artist will tell you this. Except for a few, many did not find the road to success smooth at any point. Most had to do several songs before even getting noticed. Do not expect that one single quality song will shoot you to stardom as an independent artist. You will need to keep working hard, releasing new materials on a consistent basis.

Consistency doesn’t mean you have to do a few things every other month. Rather, it entails that you will be committed to recording materials and pushing your brand through different channels. Even if sometimes, it may seem as if things are not working out, do not lose hope and do not stop. staying consistent is crucial in achieving the success you desire.

Step 2: Grow an Engaging Social Media Presence

Social media has become so powerful that some governments are trying to suppress it in their countries and region. It is one of the most powerful tool an independent artist can use to reach greater heights. Remember that your current and prospective fans are on social media. They are there, not just to connect with friends and family, but to connect with their favorite persons, which soon enough, could include you.

Being on social media goes beyond having a profile or a page. You need to grow your brand and fan base by being available. Engaging with those who support your music will create connections that will help you meaningfully on your journey up. One thing that changed drastically over the last few years is the fact that nowadays, organic social media growth is a thing of the past for the most part. After Facebook acquired instagram, both platforms became “pay to play”; which means that if you just post something on your profile or page, only a very small amount of people will actually see it unless you pay for some promotion. The good news however is that you don’t need to spend a fortune and spending even $5 to $10 on a post about your new single will be greatly beneficial to your campaign and career and will help you reach people who were not in your circle or your current fan base.

Step 3: Embrace Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest ways to get noticed on social media in a manner that will translate to real patronage for your music. If you can get an influencer to tweet about your music or share information about you, most of his/her fans will become interested in who you are and what you have to offer. It works all too often.

Influencer marketing can be expensive if you try to go for celebrities with millions of followers however, if you are good at networking, you may find it a lot easier to get up and coming influencers with more followers than you to help you grow your brand for free or for a small fee. You could ask an influencer to promote your music for free just because they like it but remember you would be

competing against thousands of artists asking for the same thing. Another route is to actually budget for the cost of paying an influencer. Many times, if their followers match with your “perfect audience” then paying a small fee to get exposure is a viable investment. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, depending on the amount of followers an influencer has prices can start as low as $10 for a post.

Step 4: Get Together a Great Team

You can’t do it all alone. You need the support of your team to actually promote your music as an independent artist and stand a chance. Remember that you are up against established artists as well as so many others like you, trying to get noticed. Most people have strong teams, and you can't beat them with your lone-wolf approach.

Your team should be made up of like-minded individuals who can go to any length to make your music popular. It will help if members of your team are well-connected and hardworking but in the beginning you can start with the help of friends and family. Have them reach out to influencers on your behalf, post on Facebook groups and contribute and promote your music on reddit posts. Your combined effort will get you the much-needed attention.

Step 5: Shoot and publish Music Videos

Never underestimate the power of music videos as an independent artist. Some erroneously assume that music videos are exclusively for established artists and will only amount to a waste of money for up-and-coming acts. This is completely false: music videos work for everyone and given the popularity of Youtube these days, you would be missing out not having any. A music video is one of the best to “paint a picture” and let people into your world. Let them see the story behind the song and at the same time get to visually see you, the artist.

Also don’t forget that a visually appealing, artsy, smart or funny music video has the power to go viral and if that happens, that will turn things around for you real quick. You just have to make sure that your music video is original, exciting, and interesting. If you have a music video for your song, you should promote the video as much as possible. When given the choice between listening to a song by itself or a music video, most people will pick the video as having visuals to go with audio is always seen as more valuable and professional.

Step 6: Try To Play Live As Often As You Can

Live performance is another viable way to connect with your audience and grow your fan base. 2020 has been tough, but we believe 2021 should be better for performers as people are craving being able to be social again and attend concerts and events. Seek out opportunities for live performances and take as many as you have the time to take. It will boost your reputation, even as an independent artist and don’t forget virtual or online events and concerts too.

The opportunities and benefits you can get from taking part in live performance are enormous. In addition to connecting with your fans and winning new ones, you may impress an important person that will take your career to a whole new level.

Step 7: Embrace Playlist Promotion

Out of al the steps listed here, this is one of the most important one. Streaming and playlisting are crucial for artists who wish to get noticed. Getting on relevant playlists will expose you to more people who may love your song and become permanent listeners and fans. There are a few platforms where you can invest in playlist promotion and see good results such as Apple music or Spotify.

The best thing about playlist promotion is that it can fetch you returns on your investments. Once you are getting more streams because of your promotional endeavors, more money will be entering into your account, which you can use to further promote your music. On top of that you will benefit from what is called “Social Proofing”. When people go to check out your song and see that you already have thousands or even hundreds of thousands plays, they will automatically see you as more important, already established as an artist and take you and your music seriously. Here at Music Industry Marketing, we specialize in getting your music heard by as many people as possible. We place it in front of listeners who are craving for new music and will join your fan base. You worked hard on your songs, we understand that and we are dedicated to helping you get the attention you deserve; just like we have been doing for major artists and labels in the past.

Nowadays, Independent artists have better opportunities for achieving success in their careers, thanks to the changes that have happened in the way we consume musical contents globally. It may be easier than before for independent artists, but it is still a big challenge. Sign up today for one of our Playlist Marketing Campaign and start seeing results right away. 2022 is your year!

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